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Meet the faces and stories behind your business’s biggest financial cheerleaders

One day, it clicked:

My ticket to the best things in life is a profitable business.

And just as quickly, I saw how many fellow entrepreneurs had begun their journeys with high hopes, and low or no profit.

I knew my next mission in life was to empower business builders of all stages to profit more and faster from their life’s work.

I bet you started your business in pursuit of big dreams, too.

...so, how's that going?


If your bank account hasn't exactly been overflowing with dream-fueling cash, you're not failing.

You just haven't had the tools and support that will give you financial clarity.

Good news:

This is exactly what I specialize in. Together with my team, I've empowered dozens of business owners like you to:

Meet your new financial support team:

(your business's biggest cheerleaders)




The founder and mastermind behind our incredible team, Cheryl Belber is an accountant and profit strategist who started a bookkeeping business with the simple goal of setting aside more money to travel with her family (because we all know Disney isn’t cheap!).

She quickly found that most business founders were struggling with little to no knowledge about how to manage their finances. Many of them had never brought home a consistent paycheck, despite burning the candle at both ends for months or years.

She knew that, with the right level of knowledge and support, business owners at all stages could thrive, breaking the cycle of financial stress and uncertainty. She went to work developing easy-to-follow systems and providing compassionate support through her services, courses, and Facebook Group. 

Cheryl thrives on:

Lake life, Diet Pepsi, Disney vacations with her husband & two kids, and her rascally (and adorable) French Bulldogs, Penelope and Pierre 


VP, Profit Strategy

It thrills me to help business owners make informed financial decisions so their business and personal finances can thrive!”

Katrina thrives on:

New challenges, the ocean, my husband & 3 crazy kids!



I’ve been in the accounting field for over 20 years. I enjoy working on the “challenging” cases and budgeting is my favorite!”

Liz thrives on:

Hiking, biking, and exploring with my husband and 10 year old son.


Client Success Manager

“My goal is to help community members feel welcome, encouraged, and comfortable asking questions.”

Sandi thrives on:

Planning + organizing, NC beach life, murder mystery novels, and my 6 beautiful grandbabies!

“I control my finances, they don't control me!”

“Thanks to your help, I’m taking a paycheck—something I didn’t think was possible. I’m even putting aside 15% for taxes and 5% for profit (and paying all of the bills), even though my real revenue hasn’t changed. Thank you for sharing your knowledge!”

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